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Rely on experience! All laser treatment is performed by certified dermatologists!

Our selected laser therapists at Doc Tattoo-Removal work with the latest and highest quality laser technology that removes your tattoo gently and effectively.

The principle gentlest method for successful tattoo removal is done by the use of a so-called Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser system or more recently an Alexandrit-Picosecond-Lasers

Depending on the color of the tattoo and its location on the body, different laser systems with different wavelengths of light can be used. It is therefore recommended to seek out dermatologists with several special laser devices in their practice. Information on the respective laser equipment is provided on the profile pages of our physicians, click on 'Find a Doctor'.


A laser treatment always begins with an intensive, detailed and personal consultation, including a physical exam which also may indicate the possible abstinence of laser therapy due to potential risks and side effects. Therefore, a small area or sample of the unloved tattoo should be treated in advance in order to make more precise decisions about the best course of treatment, selection of the optimum laser system and the duration of treatment. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to remove any tattoo 100 percent.


The success of a professional laser treatment also depends on your cooperation and patience. A laser treatment is always aimed at you personally and your individual tattoo. Package information on cost, duration and course of treatment can therefore not be given before a consultation.  After the laser session you receive accurate information about care and care products to soothe the treated skin areas and protect.

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Tattoos & Color Retention

Tattoos performed with fine needles introduce color pigments into the dermis (corium). They are visible because the overlying epidermis (outer skin) is very thin so the pigments show through. 

Laser Treatment & Pigment Removal

The laser beam is heated selectively and with varying energy output depending on the particular pigment under the skin so that it is dispersed in microparticles. 

Tattoo removal with a laser

The high-energy beams of medical lasers can be used to reliably and surely to shatter the encapsulated pigments of the tattoo. The generated light pulses are used by the nanosecond (ns-billionths of a second), sparing most of the surrounding skin cells.

The now crushed pigments are removed by the body's own mechanisms via the lymphatic system. This process can last for 4 to 6 weeks and the tattoo will brighten every day. Since not all pigments are detected and destroyed immediately after the first treatment by laser, we repeat the process until no more tattoo ink is visible under the skin.


For each and every tattoo color, different wavelengths and laser systems are used.

Depending on the particular tattoo ink, different lasers with different wavelength ranges are used. The most common types of lasers for tattoo removal include the Ruby Laser (wavelength 694nm), the Alexandrite Laser (wavelength 755nm/ 1064nm) and the Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser (wavelength 1064nm/ 532nm).

Dark colors, such as blue, dark blue and black can usually be removed better because they easily absorb the laser light. Bright colors like green, yellow, orange and white reflect light more quickly, requiring more effort. Depending on the composition and color, penetration depth, age, height, part of the body and professionalism of the tattoo, as well as the respective own physical constitution of the tattoo wearer, the skin and tattoo reacts varyingly to the laser therapy.

It is highly recommended to always seek advice from a trained laser therapist whenever you would like to remove a tattoo.

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