Pricing of Medical Laser Tattoo Removal

Individual prices determined by individual consultations

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How much a tattoo removal costs depends, among other things, on the following factors:  


  • the type of tattoo (professional or amateur)

  • the age of the tattoo
  • the size of the tattoo
  • the tattoo ink and style used
  • how often the tattoo was redone or touched up 
  • the respective personal skin-type (Fitzpartick skin type I-VI)
  • the personal physical constitution (for the color degradation)
  • the selection of the laser system


Every tattoo removal is unique! Just like any tattoo, the kind of piercing, the color, the age, size, and your own physical make-up determines the color degradation and healing process. Before the doctor begins with your laser treatment, you will receive a personal consultation and a small sample area of the tattoo should be treated. Only after this can the doctor estimate approximately how many repetitions are required for a complete removal of the tattoo. After which, the tattoo removal specialist will make an individual and personal offer for removing your tattoo, including diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and services.

Costs of cosmetic / dermatological procedure of tattoo removals are usually not covered by statutory health insurance firms, unless there are medical reasons for removal of tattoos such as an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. Here is the text of the law provides for participation in the cost (in Germany).


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It is about tattoo removal with meaning and reliability, provided by the quality physician performance you want and can afford! Clear your doubts and give yourself 24 hours to change your mind and look for alternative offers. But keep in mind, that is not the price but the decisive power, know-how and quality of professional laser therapy on which such an important decision should be based.

Would you like to get extensive advice on IGel-Services? We recommend the IGeL-Monitor, the initiator and principal authority of the Medical Service of Central Federal Association of Health Insurance Association (MDS), and is created by a team that is committed to evidence-based medicine  (EbM, d.h. "auf Beweismaterial gestützte Heilkunde").


Price and examples of tattoo removal treatment can be found here.

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