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Individual Health Services (IGeL) in german dermatological practices

Rapidly changing conditions and a rapidly widening market displacement support economic and business aspects of a medical practice constantly on the cutting-edge.

Statutory health insurance plans limit the cost of acquisition of a variety of therapies or remove them after finding its meaningfulness or medical necessity altogether. The medical practice is changing now more and more to a commercial enterprise that needs services to “sell”.


The selection and implementation of the "right" IGeL-Service into your own practice needs targeted preparation but also an individual creation of framework conditions.

For a successful expansion of your practice services with tattoo removal by laser therapy, you can analyze your internal and external factors. Only he who knows his individual environment is the right way to achieve economic success with laser therapy.

Below we have you created a list which you can determine these factors in more detail and analyze relevant factors for your environment:


Practice (internal)

Practice (external)

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