How do you benefit from Doc Tattoo Removal:


Talk to your target group with an online presence with active Doc Tattoo Removal. Our professional marketing in the online and offline world help you to generate a new group of patients and thus enhances your business’s success.

- high quality physicians database, which includes only experienced laser therapists

- merging of trained medical professionals on the subject of tattoo removal

- clear policies, fair and transparent management by Doc Tattoo Removal

- separation of advertising and information

- increase of competence and reliability of laser applications

- attractive low monthly investment for individual health services

- target group-oriented online and offline marketing for your practice

- simple, uncluttered user interface (KISS = keep it short and simple)

- increase your visibility as a connected Dermatologist

- direct patient request in your practice

- interdisciplinary and easy communication with colleagues in your field


The most important advantage for both parties is the pooling of information into ONE TOPIC PORTAL!