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Doc Tattoo Removal (Doctare) - the platform on the Internet for bundled information specifically on the topic of "tattoo removal, permanent make-up, and age spots by light therapy treatment".

The topic of tattoo removal is not new, but over the years has grown more and more interesting! One in every ten Germans is already tattooed, and one in four of them want you to remove his/her tattoo. The reasons for this are many. You know this just as well as we do.

With Doc Tattoo Removal we have created a product that does not yet exist in this form for tattoo removal by light therapy treatment. We know many doctor networks offer entire portfolios of medical practitioners, and a special search for experts or laser specialist clinics for tattoo removal is usually tedious and time-consuming. Even if the patient has achieved a hit by individual search criteria, he/she does not know whether this will be an experienced laser therapist. This is not the case with DocTattooRemoval! Here, users will find medical laser specialists specifically for tattoo removal.


In addition to a strong focus on educational work with "light therapy treatment" and strengthening the demand for tattoo removal, we channel Germany-wide requests and forward them to you as connected dermatologists. Our goal here is to educate patients about laser treatment and to enable the easy search for those who prefer to go to the doctor.


Doc Tattoo Removal is not a physician portal. We also make no difference between basic and premium items. A ranking or a rating is not necessary. Our concept is to serve only ONE service on the topic of the pigment removal via laser. Our internet platform is not about lobbying, but rather critically analyzing the various treatment methods and techniques and make them easily available to patients.

Besides interesting background information, before / after images, and interesting facts about tattoo removal, are opportunities and coverage for / of patients in focus.

"Doc Tattoo Removal" (Doctare) is the Germany-wide (GER/ A/ CH) synonym for tattoo removal performed by the physician with the core aim that health, safety, quality and an extensive patient education is the key to success!


For clients / patients, Doc Tattoo Removal is interesting because here you can find bundled basic information and related therapists for a professional laser tattoo removal.

For dermatologists, Doc Tattoo Removal is interesting because you and your colleagues give the tattoo removal field more integrity and competence.


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Our goal is to keep Doc Tattoo free of advertising. Since the management of such a network costs an immense amount of work, we have considered two variants of a beneficial interest by our members.

Variant I:

  • We provide you the membership and associated physician profile entry for free.


    You participate once a month with photos of treatment examples or blog posts on the core topics and pigment removal laser therapy.

    The latter can take the form of publications, technical articles, experience reports on laser systems or other interesting articles regarding tattoo removal.

    For informed consent for use of the treatment images (image-rights transfer), a release can be found here. 

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    Please send them to us along with your photos to our email address. We archive your records along with your photos.


Variant II:

  • A fee of 49,00Euro (brutto) is charged for members who do cannot apply for Variant I.

Membership features at Doc Tattoo Removal

Members - Entry

49Euro/Month or Free

  • Extensive presentation ("about us") of your practice with images of your practice, location on Google Maps, Business-like address card with picture and a short description of the physician practice philosophy

  • Display of the offered medical service

  • Introducing your laser system and justification (if desired)

  • Application of your own publications / expert advisors and a link in the social media area

  • SEO-optimized entry appearance of your practice as a first-level domain on “ / dr-doe"

  • Link to your existing practice website

  • Monthly analysis of recorded user data

  • Interdisciplinary communication with colleagues and patients in the blog section

  • Active applications as Doc Tattoo Removal

  • Extensive marketing material for your waiting room area

  • Direct patient requests to your e-mail account

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