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Information about the contents of the company and a successful laser treatment!

Are you unhappy with your tattoo? A laser tattoo removal treatment can help you.

Tattoos have been gaining massive popularity over the years, and with over 30 million people in the western world with tattoos, the trend seems to be only growing. In Germany, nearly one in ten citizens over 14 years old has a tattoo, and young people especially often make the impulsive decision to express themselves with their skin. Studies have shown that most tattoos can be found on people the ages of 30-39. But more and more are getting rid of their tattoos due to a change of image,  growing demands in the workplace or ever having to cover up again. Many are simply following a new trend: tattoo removal!


A successful, gentle and effective laser treatment is based on experience, quality and trust.

Doc Tattoo Removal (Doctare) is the network on the Internet for guidance on tattoo removal, permanent make-up, and age spots by light therapy treatment.

The requirement for a successful practice is a high level of knowledge and responsibility in dealing with patients and expertise in the laser systems. Lasers can not be learned over the weekend! Because of this, we focus on Doc Tattoo Removal medical expertise, real experts from the tattoo and laser producers who acquired the know-how after years of studying, training and gaining extensive practical experience. Earlier tattoo laser techniques were often painful, did not remove all the ink colors from the skin and often led to scarring . The latest generation of lasers promise a safe, gentle and effective treatment.  Always make sure which laser systems the doctor uses, because you only want pros removing your tattoos! Our consultations answer your questions with practical expertise to get you to learn about the different types of treatment in advance in the best possible way.  If you would like to get rid of your tattoo, use our site to find selected laser therapist in your area, including their practice performance and offered services.

Before your consultation, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) all about tattoo removal, filled with extensive information about any questions about the process. 

We would like to point out that a personal consultation with a certified laser therapist is a requirement before any treatment and the information on our website does not substitute it!

Specially for you we have developed a blog that you get the opportunity experience, treatment results and recommendations with our physicians and other members of our network share.

We appreciate your visit to our website and hope you have fun browsing!

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